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Over the past few weeks, I have been analyzing the frequent reasons for the failure of health initiatives and I have tried to highlight the differences between those who stop and those who create lasting improvements.

“As for the methods, there may be a Million of them, and then a few. But the Principles are few. The man who understands the principles can successfully choose his own methods. The man who tries methods and ignores principles will certainly have problems.”

By Ralph Waldo Emerson

Over the past few weeks, I have been analyzing the frequent reasons for the failure of health initiatives and I have tried to highlight the differences between those who stop and those who create lasting improvements.

We have seen how the healthiest communities introduce movement into the human experience, how we can all learn from Ulysses, create an environment that guarantees success, and how, by writing scripts and focusing on certain indications of action, we can break the decision-making paralysis to make feasible changes.

The thing with all these suggestions is that they are limited to methods. They offer effective strategies that hopefully create momentum, but individually they are not enough.

What will we do if October attracts Pumpkin spice and the three-month tide of the environment brings to indulge? It’s the Season. It’s easy when the world supports your lifestyle. In January, it’s easy, but most of the time, your goals make you an outsider. How do we react if we have inevitably stalled?

Moreover, what do we do when our methods stagnate-when our movement becomes stale, our dietary approach triggers unforeseen gastrointestinal problems, and the overwhelming attention economy of the 21st century hits us with a global strike?

Learning is a way of being

The real secret shared by all those who create health changes throughout life is the belief that learning is a way of being — that this is the primary propensity for a fulfilling life. Although it is important to find meaning and social support, I believe that this is a consequence of this belief system.

Those who undergo healthy and long-term lifestyle changes are as successful as those who prosper sustainably in any business.

These are people who care much less about certain results than about management. They have far exceeded, even exceeded, the goals of five years ago, because they find joy and passion in the pursuit of improvement.

This way of thinking is based on a very real belief that the world and individual abilities are malleable, and therefore a sense of responsibility for solving problems and creating solutions. Of course, the environment helps you get on the right track.

Of course, some of us start more or less in the Advantage. But in the end, all this is denied by your individual way of thinking and acting. Consistency wins the day and follows a commitment to self-education and growth.

Grow or die

In a very real sense, every part of us grows or dies. When the high school athlete finishes to a life full of parties and all-Nighters, his body slowly deploys those long-worked skills for reaction and agility.

When the former police chief retires and leads a lonely life in comfort and ease, the degradation of his unused mental abilities accelerates, because the lack of purpose dehydrates his mind.

The reality is that there is no lasting change. Nothing is maintained. There are those who choose to learn and grow as the most important inclination in life.

There are those who learn as a way of being, and there are those who do not maintain positive action because they have convinced themselves that problem solving is a nuisance. On the contrary, Problem Solving is the Essence of Life. That’s what keeps us going and energizes us.

Growing up as a way of life

Theodore Roosevelt is the epitome of this growth thinking. He was an exceptionally weak boy – short-sighted and asthmatic to a degree that repeatedly left him on the brink of passed away.

One day, his father told him that he could have the mind, but he did not have the body and that “without the help of the body, the mind cannot go as far as it should, an inspired young Theodore decided to make “his body.”

Thus was born one of the strongest, most passionate and greatest men the Earth has ever decorated.

Theodore embraced a life of resistance training, boxing, walking, rowing, and the pursuit of body strength. In addition, he was an insatiable apprentice who attended Harvard and read enthusiastically all his life.

He eventually became a governor, cattle rancher, leader of the Rough Riders in the Spanish-American war, a president who always followed intermediate paths that angered Democrats and Republicans, and he even helped map an not-known tributary of the Amazon before his passed away.

Whatever your opinion of his politics, he accomplished more in a year than most people in life. It wasn’t a change that happened overnight, and it didn’t create an easy path.

He still had asthma in his twenties. He had to cancel the passed away of his first wife and mother on the same day überwinden.Es however, it was his obligation to “get tired” rather than “get rusty” — to grow up as a way of life — that allowed him to become more than a sick boy with a bad heart.

While you don’t have to look for a political position or rush into peril situations, this example clearly highlights the state of mind that underlies all long-term health changes. More than any other factor, Commitment to growth and learning is the main component of sustainable success and self-realization.

There is no need to rush to extreme methods in the hope of quickly achieving elite or body level performance.

What is the hurry? They have their whole lives and these extremes tend to create burn-out. Regardless of the methods used, your Commitment to growth and lifelong education is the most important factor. This approach is always the key to adaptation and success.

Commitment to continuous growth

Sustainable health and fitness follow above all one thing: The commitment to continuous growth as the supreme guide for your life. In this way, well-being is like any other part of life.

How will you commit to learning? What do you do to make sure that they grow and do not decompose? What to invest in? The secret to lasting health change lies in self-education.

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