Truths Of Improving Physique And Fitness

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We have come a long way in terms of nutrition knowledge and training protocols to achieve better body condition and fitness. Numerous peer-reviewed research on diet and exercise have led to practical strategies for your personal plan. I think it’s safe to say that we have mastered the excess / calorie deficit and the laws of thermodynamics, the debate about good carbohydrates versus bad carbohydrates, the most effective types of exercises to facilitate fat loss and the growth of well-formed muscle mass, improve cardiovascular fitness and the reality of their genetic composition in comparison with the achievement of these goals.

The proven research is out there, so why are there so many who struggle to achieve their optimal body condition and fitness?

Why we Are Failing Fitness

This is not brain surgery. It basically boils down to two questions. Firstly, we live in a world where there is an abundance of high-calorie and low-nutrient foods at your fingertips. They are everywhere: your local grocery store, your supercenter, your vending machine at work and your quick mart gasoline chips, your soda, your cylindrical meat concoctions, sweets, pastries and other processed foods. You consume too many non-nutritious calories. Much of this is done through a pointless diet.

Secondly, we have developed a tendency to live an inactive lifestyle. You’re probably sitting on your ass and watching a computer screen for more than six hours every day. They then retreat into your palate and continue to sit on your ass while watching TV or doing facebook. You are not participating in any training program that would achieve these two goals:

Facilitating a high intensity during the actual training

Promote the use of high calories after exercise during recovery

So you improve your body, aesthetically. If you eat like shit and exercise with minimal intensity, it will not change your body in a positive way. Break your ass, eat better and you will probably see noticeable improvements over time. Remember, doing something hard is better than doing nothing.

The basic truths of body composition

Human physiology has not changed since the first day, when our ancestors began to walk upright. Therefore, stay simple and stimulate a large amount of muscle tissue through resistance training and participate in activities that increase the heart rate to achieve a conditioning effect.

Here are some simple tips for the man (and woman) of modern times:

  • Do you want to lower the number on the scale? Calorie entries compared to calorie expenditure. Consuming a calorie deficit associated with more calories will cause weight loss on the scales. Do you want to specifically target the stored fatty fat? Eat fewer calories and practice a demanding strength training. Fat loss accounts for 80% of dietary choices and 20% of exercise choices. Understand the production of modern food. Most practical products are probably low in nutrients and high in sugar and/or carbohydrates.
  • Do you want to build your muscles and become stronger? Have a plan that taxes your muscles gradually over a combination of more reps and more resistance. Excessive low-level aerobic exercise and avoidance of strength training will make you slim, but you will look soft, weak and will not have a healthy shape.”Muscle is gender than fat. Strength train hard.
  • Do you want to increase cardiovascular fitness? Participate in any safe activity that increases the heart rate and keeps it for a long time. We are talking about interval racing, fartlek training, strength training in a circle and training camp training, which uses safe orthopedic exercises.
  • Are you tall and slim? No matter what you do, this type of body will be difficult to change, but you can add muscles if you work hard. Are you small and slim? Again, bust your butt in the weight room, eat like a champ, and you can add functional muscle mass to your frame. Are they short and thick? It depends on the thickness “.”If you are fat with muscles, you are a mesomorph and have a greater potential to display strength and a muscular body. If you are fat, but fat, it’s time to strengthen your food intake and keep a productive strength training.

Do What Works for Your Goals

I don’t want to be a wet blanket, but here are other realities that you need to understand:

If you want to lose fat, build sculpted muscles and improve your cardiovascular endurance, it is not advisable to practice only yoga, Pilates, PiYo or another minimal muscular effort. These efforts burn a minimum of calories and stimulate minimal muscle mass. Therefore, they are a poor choice to achieve maximum fat loss and muscle mass growth.

The most effective and fastest way to a better physique is good nutrition and strength training with high effort. This approach is the whole package. There is no need for conventional” cardio ” (i.e. 45 minutes of servo on a treadmill or an elliptical trainer).

An effective fat loss approach should include better nutrition in the form of calorie deficit and healthy eating options as well as strength training to build or maintain metabolically costly muscle tissue. Understand that the muscle gives a shape-male or female-and owning more muscles is much better than owning more fat.

If you are a woman, do not be afraid to lift weights with extreme effort. You naturally have low testosterone levels improving muscles. Based on this fact, you will not develop non-female muscles. If you train hard in the weight room, you will develop well-formed female muscles, which could force you to buy a smaller wardrobe.

Man or woman, in order to get even metabolically costly and forming muscle tissue, one must perform all-round exercises to stimulate the greatest amount of muscle mass that can be suitable for this goal.

The mathematics of improving physics

Copy it and display it on the wall of your refrigerator or bathroom so you can see it every day:

  • Too much aerobic training + a calorie deficit + no resistance training = a slim, unshakable and weakened body.
  • A calorie deficit + sensitive calorie burning exercises + muscle stimulating strength training = a better chance to achieve a slim, shapely figure, male or female.
  • Being completely inactive + consuming too many calories = fat buildup and minimal muscle shape.

All micronutrient and calorie intake the same:

  • Reduce calorie intake + strength training = lose fat and develop muscle shape.
  • Increase calories + Strength training = build mass, strength and form.
  • Reduce calories + aerobic work = lose fat and muscle = look slim but not muscular.

What’s Stopping You?

This is not nuclear physics. The formulas for getting a better body and improving fitness have not changed over the years. What prevents most people from achieving their goals?

  • The presence and availability of low-quality food. Consuming an excess of calories with low nutritional content is a big step back.
  • A lack of discipline in calorie consumption and work ethic. Strengthen your eating habits and break your butt during exercise.
  • Wrong choice of exercises. If it’s easy, it’s probably not the best option.
  • The persistent myth that low-level cardio must be part of an effective fat loss program.
  • Do not include strength training in your program. It is important that your husband or wife. Get off the treadmill and enter the weight room.

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